Breastfeeding/pumping question?


FTM with 2 week old baby boy 💙 I would really like to pump milk so my husband can feed our son and I can get some rest.

BUT I’m worried I’m not going to be able to pump enough...

-I tried to pump when I got home from the hospital (day 3) with only a few drops.

-I tried again to pump on day 6 while I fed him on one side and only got .5 oz in 20 minutes. I pumped again for just under an ounce and he ate it in one go and wanted more so I was up anyway to feed him. I haven’t tried since.

-Worried that my breasts don’t leak when I’m feeding my son on one side nor when I’m not feeding him. Anyone else have this but can pump just fine?

Our son is gaining weight so I don’t think supply is an issue.

Is there a secret to this? The lactation consultant said not to pump for 4 weeks but I definitely need a break. Any insight/tips you have would be appreciated!!💕🤗