Ok so. Lately I’ve been having many dreams and I’ve always looked their meaning up on google, with me always feeling dissatisfied because I always felt like I could’ve learned more.

My dreams are strongly connected to my emotions I’ve noticed, as I’m a very emotional person, everytime something happens in my life it always manifests in my dreams.

Me and my boyfriend (ex for now?) have been going through a rough patch and my dreams had told me, right before our breakup, that I should listen to my intuition more, to be kind to myself, to beware because a separation was coming and to listen more to what my entourage has to say (my best friend always told me to dump my boyfriend because he didn’t deserve me, treated me poorly, yadda yadda — and my mom has always told me to half-trust people, even my boyfriend.)

Now my boyfriend and I split and I got to see the dark, cupid, money-hungry side of him, and his lack of scrupules. He told me many horrendous things that I’d prefer not to share on here.

So not even an hour ago, I woke up from an horrible, fearful, stress-inducing nightmare (I could describe our relationship like this as well) : it was my little sister’s birthday. And I love her so much, I was so happy for her but I knew something was off, my intuition had told me so. And everytime I would say something to my other sister, things would come true right after.

And the worst thing I’ve told her was : I know, I just know that if she dips one toe in that swimming pool, she’s gonna get swallowed by a shark.

It made NO SENSE, but it happened like 5 seconds after she dipped. My heart was RACING and the first thing I did, no doubt, was dip as well. I wanted to rescue my little baby girl.

I swimmer right where the little shark was. (It kept going to the surface because my sister was too big for his lil’ mouth and he was choking), so I opened his jaw with my bare hands and cried for somebody to come pull my sister out. And they did. And I was so relieved.

Strangely when I got out of the water, Justin Bieber was there watching (told you it made no sense lmao) and I felt like bragging a little bit.

But it felt SO real, I could feel every single emotion, the stress, the panic, the shark’s teeth against my tiny fingers, the relief when she got out.

I go on Google.fr right? Right after I wake up and write down that dream. I type « shark dream meaning ». And what do I see? « A shark means tou’re dealing with difficult emotions and anger right now. You feel dominated and oppressed. It may also symbolize somebody you’re around, who is dishonest and acts as bad as he wants to, often hurting others in the process, just for his personal gain/satisfaction. » THE DEFINITION OF MY CURRENT EX-BOYFRIEND. THE CURRENT STATE OF MIND I’M IN.


Is there more to the dream that I’m missing ??? Why did I make so many premonitions and why did they come true ? Why did it happen to MY SISTER, whom I love so much, she’s a literal angel, and not me ?

Is it because deep down I *knew* he wasn’t good for me ? What is happening ?

Can anybody give me the answers...

(I have more dreams as well, so if you want to hear about them tell me in the comments down below).