Fwb is a trap

I’m finally not trying to “ win him” and now he’s upset. I have only put up with this bullshit lately bc I have been working around his town for a fill in for an office but I’m finally going to end it after my time in the area . BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT AND I KNOW IT that I deserve better. I cannot believed I ever thought that continuing being fwb would change things last year but now I know that he’s just a pos and it’s mediocre sex anyways. Nothing will ever change. But he pulled the same shit last year too. He’s literally the only one over thinking it and gaining the feelings. I mean shit he’s benefiting it all and has been for the past 7 months?!? It’s been convenient for him , i drive an hr drive late at night for him and then go home early morning the next day. Sooo?? I’ve only started to kinda benefit lately ONLY bc he lives very close to the office I’m at filling in . But other than that I haven’t bc I do all the work for him. I even have to fuck him smh. Lmao. Also friends actually do stuff and go out, we never leave the house it’s always sitting on the coach watching tv or in the bed. Soo why tf would I want to be “ friends” still after I end this smh. BOY U GOT ME MESSED UP. Trying to manipulate me and keep me around bc ur gonna get lonely! So selfish. But I just wanted to rant about how shitty fwb situations can be. 🥰


He always texts me these kinds of texts NEVER discuss in person or calls. We have NeVer FaceTimed or called each other to talk