I need your opinion

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now.

Today, while I was scrolling through Instagram, a mutual friend of ours posted a picture wearing a bikini and my first thought was “woah, she looks so good.” I then noticed my boyfriend liked the picture and did not think anything of it, but then he commented *here comes tomato *girl’s name**, after that she answered something about her becoming a lobster and he replied “can’t wait to slap them burnt shoulders.”

After you read this, you’d think “lmao that’s so stupid, they’re just joking in between each other” and I agree to that thought, but the thing is: why the hell am I so affected by this?

I have been reflecting on the root of the problem so I can’t stop feeling so sad, and I think I have some good points:

- I’m on my period = I’m emotional

- he’s rarely active on Instagram, so he never likes/ comments on my pictures. But when he is, he took his time to like and comment on that beautiful girl’s post.

In the end, I completely understand this is something which is not important at all and I even talked to him about it, and he said it’s nothing. I truly believe him. But I can’t stop feeling this way and I need some help on this.

Thank you for reading.