Boyfriend Dumped me at 17 weeks

It’s been a week and I think I’m finally starting to process - maybe writing it out will help.

My boyfriend and partner, love of my life came home from work on Wednesday night, ignored me asking for him to text when he was an hour away from home so I could start dinner. He showed up with his parents and told me I needed to leave. That I had two options, abortion or adoption.

His older sister had met my step mom who is married to my father whom I have been estranged from for quite some time because of my step mom and mentioned congratulations on being a grandparent. That I was having a baby with her brother.

Not sure what was said, but obviously it wasn’t good things. He didn’t say, and I didn’t ask my father who was sick to his stomach trying to contact me to let me know what had happened. What vile things were said about me from someone who has never liked me.

I left, quietly, in shock and with nowhere else to go I drove four hours, arriving st midnight to my mothers home.

It’s just so unbelievable that I can’t even fathom.

I don’t even know where to start or what to think. But, I guess if there is a bright light, my father and I are no longer estranged and his wife is on her way out for whatever vile she spewed.