I want to get rid of the Valentines present my husband got me..

I am always complaining about not having enough room because we don’t and everything get cluttered up because we don’t have enough space. Then I get frustrated because it’s difficult to make the house look nice when there is so much clutter everywhere, I like wide open spaces not clutter.

For Valentine’s Day one of the gifts my husband got me was a GIGANTIC stuffed bear, don’t get me wrong it was a cute gesture and it’s the thought that counts and I love that he thought about me. BUT this thing is huge and I literally have NOWHERE to put it. I don’t have room for the stuff we need and definitely no room for a huge stuffed animal. So I want to get rid of this giant bear but I don’t want to hurt his feelings because I know he spent $60 on it. But I just have no where to put it.

Should I tell my husband I think it’s time to fine another home for the stuff animal?

Or should I keep it because it was a Valentine’s Day gift?