Baby wants to pull up!


She’s just over 7 months old, has been army crawling for a good month now, this last week she started bringing her knees under her as if she’s on all fours, she’s rocked back and forth maybe twice, so I assume she’ll be crawling soon.

But, she also likes to get herself to the couch or the cupboards and get her hands up onto it, and tries to pull herself up and ends up stuck lol.

When we are on the floor with her and hold her hands while she stands up she has been taking steps like she’s walking.

She has always loved being upright, she’s got very strong legs.

Is this normal for this age? Yes yes every baby is different! But generally speaking. Does it sound like she wants to stand up and walk already? She’s always happy and smiley when she’s doing it. Her jolly jumper is probably her favourite thing ever lol.

Should we encourage it if she’s so interested? Hubby & his brother we’re both walking before 10months! I was at 10.5 months.

How do you get them to try pull themselves up without help? Or do you assist them until they get it? How do I assist?