So I called the police on my husband (long)

Last night He beat me while we were in a car and I begged him to let me out of the car.

He wouldn’t so I waited til he stopped and I got out

I asked him to give me my phone so I can call my mom to send me money to go home (back to my home country)

And he wouldn’t

He left me on the road at 11pm at night

No sidewalk

I began walking back the direction we came from and a lady and her daughter stopped

They offered to drive me somewhere safe while I was a blubbering mess

I went back to our apartment to get my passport and phone

He told me he threw my phone out and I was on my own

I said if you don’t give my my phone I’m going to leave here and call the police

He said he didn’t give a fuxk

So I found a neighbor and called the police

The police came and told me they saw my phone in his truck in the parking lot

I made a statement to police and they took pictures of the marks on my body from being hit

They arrested him and are charging him with two charges

I’m supposed to feel relieved and all I feel is guilt

I never wanted to cause him to go to jail

I just wanted him to give me my phone so I could call an Uber or my mom and try and go somewhere safe. So I could leave him.

I’m sitting here blaming myself

He’s in the middle of a custody battle and I don’t want him to lose his child for this.

I know I probably have battered women’s syndrome and shouldn’t feel any type of guilt for the months and months of abuse I’ve dealt with

But I feel horrible for having him arrested

I had the man I love arrested and I hate myself right now for it