Tell me I'm not crazy af

Imma be hella vague about names & details because my luck she's reading this 😂😅

Okay. About 2.5 years ago my boo started joining this thing to help out with the community. Cool right? You do you boo. I'm not a jealous person or aleast thought I wasn't lmao. There all guys there except one girl. I didn't care at all because again, I'm not a jealous person & trust my so. All until....... I "met" her once and all of sudden got a really really really uneasy feeling. Like my gut just dropped. My fiance (of 9 years) came home one night & told me she was telling him & all the other guys about her relationship problems. RED FLAG. Right? That's just one of the weird things that get my panties in a bunch in this whole situation. She never speaks to me at functions, but just stares. I fucking hate it 😭 I hate having to worry about other bitches. Why? Why do I even care? I just know how women are. Especially allllll the things ive heard about her. I trust my SO but god damn y'all. This shit is killlllllin me. To top it all off, she's a brunette & I know my SO has the hots for hot brunettes. LMAO just typing this I sound crazy af but I promise I'm really not 😂😭 All of this could be of my own insecurities. Idk. anyways - I just needed to vent 🙌