Help please!

Ok so I took a test yesterday. This morning. And today just now. I’m so confused as to what to think. At first I seen a line on the cheap Walmart ones but the I couldn’t see it anymore. My husband got home shortly after and seen it. He marked it for me because I couldn’t see it anymore. Then this morning I took another one and seen a faint line. I went and got a FRER test and digital says no but I am NOW seeing a faint like on the line one. I’ve been staring at these dang test so long that I have no idea what I’m seeing anymore. Per glow I’m still 3 days away from period. But per doctors orders I’m to start testing on dat 28 of my cycle. I have PCOS and have miscarried 4 times. Please let me know why there would be a faint line and if you even see it and why the digital says negative?

Yesterday’s test

This morning

Today just now