Has anyone stopped talking

Veronica • George Alek Jr 4/08/17💙 Layla Jae 8/16/2018💜

To their family because they toxic,draining,always wanted something from you but it never was enough..I think I'm about to have to end it with my side...my dad passed in 2013 but my mom drains me,my brother and his family moved in with her but they have a babygirl that's the same age as mine but she has down syndrome and a heart defect..but they always broke and barely making it and I've given them money more times then I can count and baby stuff too..my sister lives right behind my mom but she kick out her youngest daughter dad but let her stepdaughter who technically isnt even a stepdaughter,my nieces dad raised her but that isnt her biological dad..anyways she keep living there with my sister but she went and got pregnant and shes barely about to graduate high school..and this so called stepdaughter has her own room at my sister's house but my oldest nephew is sleeping on the couch..like really..idk everyone is being so toxic and I'm so done with how they been making me feel any how they have their priorities mixed up..