So it was 3am and everyone was asleep, (Well I thought everyone was asleep). So I go onto and start browsing for something to watch for me time 😉. I put my AirPods in and I thought they connected, I play a video and I’m thankful they were quite, my volume was pretty loud. The guy moans and I freaked out because it came from my phone. My heart was pounding and I stayed quiet for a few seconds to hear if anyone was up, at that moment my older sister opens her door. My heart was racing, I put my earphones under my pillow, she walked down the hall and into the toilet. I hurried to put everything back where it was. I put my phone on my ledge ( where I have it every night). Then I realised it wasn’t plugged in, she would know something is up if it wasn’t. Had to quietly put it on charge. Resumed a sleeping position incase she walked into my room ( luckily she didn’t).

That’s my story for the day,