Unhappy daddy


When I got pregnant a few months ago and had a miscarriage, my husband didn’t want any more kids. I knew it. But i also knew we were humping like rabbits so we might get pregnant. We did. Two days after we found out we were told we were having a miscarriage. I ended up losing a tube and the baby. Well I never really gave up on having another baby bc it was what I wanted and he wasn’t doing anything to prevent it. I found out for sure with my 3rd test today so I told him. He didn’t care. Still adamant about not wanting anymore and I’m so sad. I should be happy but I’m not. I just don’t know what to do. We see this totally different. I see a miracle...pregnant one month after losing a tube, almost 2.. with no interventions and one the first cycle. But he sees a baby that will cry all the time and make him regret it. I’m just heartbroken