6 month baby boy under weight


6 month baby refusing solids.

Hi everyone I have. Problem 😭 my 6 month baby boy hasn’t been gaining weight well according to the growth chart, his growth started to decrease by 4-5 month and his increase was only 2%. Hes six months now and he weighs 14 lb (6.400 kg) and his height is 67 cm which is 26.7 inches.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding and I don’t pump milk since he doesn’t accept a bottle or any other method whatsoever so I end up throwing my milk away because of the constant freezing defrosting and heating etc...

He also refuses ANY solids. I tried to add salt, oil, sugar but nothing makes him want to eat.

He might be teething but no teeth yet. Also I cosleep.

Help me please he needs to gain weight and eat more and I’m getting exhausted 😩 I’m not sleeping well, I’m always hungry cause he’s almost nursing all the time. And I don’t know if he’s getting enough milk.. because when I used to pump a little here and there, the amount of milk that came out was so little to almost nothing. I tried to take pills to increase my milk supply but I think they altered the taste or smell of the milk and he used to push me away and refused to nurse so I stopped.

The doctor prescribed multivitamin a month ago

Also he’s allergic to dairy products, but the doctor prescribed formula milk without lactose, but the smell wasn’t really appetizing and he didn’t drink it at all, also be doesn’t accept a bottle or any other method.

Plus I tried to force feed him.. but that just backlashed and he just vomits everything out.. literally ...