Let me tell you my story ‼️Trigger Warning‼️

Before you begin reading please be aware that this story contains difficult situations regarding sexual, physical and mental abuse.

This is something I feel compelled to talk about. I am currently 25 years old and still learning to cope and adult in general. But my life events start around 3 years old.

My mother never had safe living conditions, my siblings and I were subjected to dirty and hazardous environments from the beginning. Because of this, I lost sight in my right eye and hearing in my left ear.

A few years later around 5, she meets and trusts an extremely dangerous person not fit to be called a man. This person put me through all forms of abuse. I was molested, raped and beaten. My brother would try to fight him and felt his anger because of it.

During this time we lived in an apartment complex in a poorer and crime ridden side of town. Left unsupervised outside, I was taken by a stranger, sexually assaulted and dumped in another town. Luckily I was found by a lady who lived near by who noticed me.

I was returned to my dad at this time and a custody battle began. He and my grandparents were unaware of the abuse taking place within my mother’s house. I lived like this for 7 years, everyday I was at my mother’s the same abuse was happening over and over.

For 7 years This person threatened me with death, harming my family, and others if I told anyone. He tortured me when I tried to fight him.

One day my mother walked in on what was happening, she stood there shocked, then closed the door and did nothing.

Not long after, I couldn’t handle it any longer. I was losing my mind and broke down in the middle of class in middle school. Everything came out when they took me to the principals office.

The following days were filled with endless tears and police and youth councilors asking questions and trying to help me. My grandparents and father got me away from her and started the case against them both. She had action taken against her to protect my other siblings and that guy went to prison. Unfortunately he has since been released because of a guilty plea and “good behavior”.

I know this is a lot to read, but I would like to make a point out of this. With the posts that I read about how some girls and women feel about themselves.


You are beautiful. No matter what you have experienced or been through, you are more than just enough. You are not “damaged goods”.

For a long time I struggled with hating myself and body. I felt gross and broken. I had been through hell and did feel like I deserved anything.




Speak up. Be brave. Be a survivor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.