Pregnant on Mirena?!

Missy • TTC #1 🌈👼👼

Okay, so I had the Mirena IUD for almost 8 months. Had some issues with it and decided to have it removed on April 12th. My boyfriend and I have been only using that as our birth control with no problems. We have a highly active sex life, and had sex during my March fertile window (about 2 weeks before IUD removal). We also had sex the night before removal, which was the beginning of my April fertile window.

I'm starting to feel "off".

Lota of fatigue, heartburn, cramping/pulling sensations in my lower abdomen, nausea, overly hungry, boobs feel WAY bigger/fuller.

I know all about the "Mirena Crash", but I don't believe this is it. My doctor said if I was going to experience it, it would have happened a few days after removal. I'm starting to wonder if I got pregnant in those weeks prior to removal, or the day after, since sperm can survive for a few days after.