Period after miscarriage?


I’m hoping some of you can reach out to me about how long it took for your period to arrive after a miscarriage? I had a MVA done on March 7th and it’s been over 7 weeks and still no period. My dr was monitoring my hcg levels weekly to see when they would hit zero and they finally did two days ago on April 22nd. So now I thought my period would start right away and still nothing . Could any of you tell me if that’s normal? It’s been so stressful with all this wait. I also had a little bit of retaining tissue that was left in my uterus after the procedure and the dr wants to see if it will pass naturally with AF. It’s been almost two months and time is not on my side. I’m 38 years old and have been trying to conceive for a long time. This was our first pregnancy and we want to be able to try again right away but are afraid to because I haven’t gotten my period yet 😞. I don’t even know if it’s ok to start being intimate with my husband again. The dr never said anything. I’m scared for infection because of the retaining tissue that is still there