7 month old baby, sleep regression ?!


HELP. First time mom to a handsome big baby boy. He has been sleeping so well for about 2 months now, and boom! The last week has been hell. He goes to bed at 8:30, he’s been waking up at 12am, fights goes back to sleep and has just been on and off waking up since then. Usually gets his “morning” bottle at 5:30am but omg, this momma is tired!

Couple things: 1, we just got back from 2 weeks of vacation last Thursday. He slept fine until Sunday. I’m not sure if all the stimulation from being outside in Florida or what not had something to do with his exhaustion then since we’ve been cooped up in cold NY all winter. Also, when we got back from Florida he started crawling. I’m just wondering if he’s not getting enough calories during the day now that he’s active which is making him wake up? I’m just guessing! Anyone who can offer some suggestions or insight?!