Dental hygienist or surgical tech ?


Currently, I am a stay at home mom. I have always worked and I love to work. Staying at home is such a blessing and I love it, but I also love knowing I’m financially stable. Right now, my boyfriend is the only one who works and we pretty much live week to week and it’s just getting so old. Our plans are for me to go to school while he works, then him go to school while I work & finally us both work. So, I need help deciding which career I should do. I am very interested in both of these and would be happy doing either. I guess I just need help with pros and cons of each one. I’m needing help from people who are licensed as one of these careers or know someone personally who can give me insight. They both require two years of school and pretty much the same pre reqs. Where I live, dental hygienist make around $30 an hour , but I would most likely have to travel 1hr to work. Surg techs make about $19-$20 an hour and I could get a job closer to home. We don’t mind moving if we needed to. Which do y’all recommend ?