Are people jealous of you?


First I just want to say this is NOT a bragging post. So if you’re going to critique me just go to another post.

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with an auto immune disease. This has been Extremely difficult for me to handle at 27 years old. I’ve started therapy, yoga and even take cbd oil to deal with the stress of this disease. This is a manageable disease. Because of this disease I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. I’ve always been good looking I have big breast and curves so when I lost weight my body actually became very pretty. I noticed a LOT more men looking at me and hitting on me. It was the one good thing out of this horrible disease. HOWEVER, after this change I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a lot of hate from women. A lot of jealousy from female corworkers constantly talking shit about me behind my back. I feel like I need to constantly defend myself because someone is always trying to belittle me. Any girl here have dealt with this?

Some girls are nice to me but Then I end up finding out it was all fake and they are STILL talking shit about me. I feel stuck in a lonely place and in constant fear I can’t trust anybody. Why are people like this?