Young Mom Starting Process

Hi. So, I’m 23 and a young mom. I was only with the dad out of obligation and I’ve been miserable as a SAHM for a year. Now, we’re separating. There has been progress, but my husband has texts of me saying “I can’t do this I’m going to snap.” There’s also some texts of me saying that I hate him for pressuring me into having a baby (I love my son, but I somehow also hate that I was forced into this). I’m afraid of what’s going to happen. I have never hurt my son or even wanted to hurt him; what I was saying in those texts is that I’m angry and I’m upset and I’m afraid that I will be pushed to that point. I never even thought about hurting him, though. Other than that, there’s nothing else to show. I’ve taken good care of him, I’ve sought counseling, and I’ve made progress. I don’t want to be a mom, but I also think it’s selfish for me to abandon him. I don’t want him to be taken from me. Should I be worried? Anyone else been through a