So I know she meant well. Her heart was in the right place. But my best friend talked to a psychic/medium a few days ago. Now I’m not saying I believe in all of it, I am skeptic. But I’m not saying I don’t believe in any of it and that it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo either. Anyways. Her psychic friend told her that I won’t get pregnant for another 6 months or so. I wish she wouldn’t have talked to them, or told me what they said. I feel very discouraged now. And I also feel like this isn’t my month now :( I’m 7dpo and I’m just entering the being able to test phase, but I already feel like I’ve counted myself out! Anywayssssss that’s all I got. Just wanted to get it off my chest I guess. What do you think about it? Got anything positive I can keep telling myself?