Is Excessive Sweating Normal for A Teenager during Puberty?


*i apologize that this is really long but please read because i really do need help.*

I am currently 14 years old now and in the 8th grade. So last year in 7th grade, I noticed around November-ish that I was sweating wearing a long sleeve shirt on and when it was cold. Since then I have been experiencing excessive sweating. Some affects this excessive sweating is causing is for me to sweat in the cold, sweat when I’m not even moving around, etc. I do have some anxiety but I am on meds for that and it is helping me with my anxiety which I was suffering in 6th grade. Getting back to my sweating issue, I thought that maybe it was just hormones or some sort of anxiety, but I’m not overly satisfied that may be the case. I also thought maybe it was something to do with the medications I’m on, or if it was puberty. After a few months of noticing it I started to consider that I should maybe purchase sweat pads because I noticed I was sweating a lot. Another thing that is a MAJOR AFFECT and probably the most IMPORTANT affect is that because of my excessive sweating, I get sweat stains under my arms which show on my shirt. This is really embarrassing and I’m suffering to hide it from my classmates and other people because I don’t want to raise my arm up because I am afraid someone will see my sweat stains and laugh or make fun of me. I did some research on it and found out about a condition called “hyperhidrosis” which is an excessive sweating condition. I know that I’m not a doctor and all but a lot of the symptoms and affects of hyperhidrosis applies to what I am dealing with. I am sweating a lot under my arms but that’s not the only place I’m sweating. I’m also sweating in my back and in my sleep which I think is why my white sheets discolored to a yellowish color because of sweating. I also sweat in my hands a lot and my feet as well. Everyday when I come home from school my socks have sweat on them and it makes my feet STINK which is noticeable in the locker rooms at school. Whenever I take my shoes off it stinks and my mother notices it and the other girls in the locker room notice it smells like feet. One thing I noticed is that I don’t sweat as much when I am at home as of when I am at school, but I still am sweating more than I probably should. Also I haven’t mentioned this to a doctor because I am just really embarrassed about it and saying it in front of my parents to a doctor

i’m so so sorry that this is so long but i just need to get it out there! I am suffering from this and I really really need help.

Here’s a picture of my mattress and my sheets are that same yellow color except a little bit dark and more noticeable.