Birth story💙

Danyka • 💙 Hunter born 04-16-2019 💙 Chase born 08-12-2020 💍 Wifey since 07-20-2019

—Sorry I am a week late—

My baby Hunter was born on April 16 at 10pm on the dot.

A whooping 8,9 pounds for a 38+5 weeker!

He was ready!

Early morning at 5:30am I was getting cramps but didn’t think much of it.. they were coming on and off every 11-15 minutes.

At 11am i decided to hop in the bath to relax, they got closer (6-8 minutes apart).

I called hubby and he got home at 1pm (just in case).

When he arrived my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. He took me to the hospital because the pain was unbearable.

Got to the hospital at 2:30pm and was dilated at only 2.5cm.. they said they’d put me on watch for 2 hours to see if work would progress, it did!

At 4pm I was at 4cm (yes my dilation was following the hours haha)

They admitted us to our room.

8pm my parents get to the hospital because I am dilated at 7.5-8cm.... figured I’d be giving birth sooner or later🤷🏼‍♀️

They offer the epidural but I didn’ t take it.

(I figured ‘hey only 2cm left’) ...

I ask them to break my waters, I can’t take the pain of my contractions anymore.

Doc only comes in at 9:50pm to break my water, (he was having supper) and I was still at 8cm dilation...

A minute and a half later, 9:52pm I am pushing! I have no control over my body anymore, everything inside of me is pushing and the doc asks what I am feeling, i tell him it feels like I have to take a dump (lol) and he checks my cervix, I am already at 10cm, he calls the nurses in, he is just as shocked as I am,

I start pushing and pushing and in 8 minutes my baby boy was born.

Baby Hunter Teixeira.

My life is complete. 💙