Havent even had the chance to post here yet..


We wasn't trying to get pregnant, I was on birth control pills and I got pregnant due to six of my pills missing, anyways ever since Sunday I've been bleeding like crazy and I've had some clots some big some small, took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive I told my husband this morning what was going on, I also called my Dr this morning I gotta go in tomorrow for blood work then blood work again in 48 hours, to check my hcg levels, but it is more than likely a miscarriage and I'd be 4 weeks 5 days today It's too early for an ultrasound so they don't want to do that. But they said if the bleeding gets to where I have to change a pad every 45 minutes to go straight to the er. So tomorrow I have to get up there by 3:15 and they will give me instructions on how to get my blood drawn Saturday at Walgreens it has to be around the same time as I get my blood drawn at the office.. my husband didn't want anymore babies but I did, and this is absolutely killing me. I just wanna cry all the time. I didn't even get to get an ultrasound and I have absolutely nothing to remember my baby by 😔