Disappointing job situation

I don’t know if this is the right group but i just need to let it out.

I returned to work this week after 4 months of maternity leave and i wish i didnt. I got blindsided by everyone in my team, my manager spoke to me today about moving me to a different department. I was there for 8 years and they skipped my promotion this year because of my pregnancy (i worked till 39 weeks).

I was crushed! My manager arranged several interviews within the company for me. I told him what brought this on, he said off the record our job is too demanding for moms. I work in corporate finance and its basically a boys club, they hired a new guy to replace me. They all go drinking after work while i get left out of their bonding or whatever. They were all nice to me during my pregnancy and even gave me a great appraisal, so this was absolutely shocking!

I made the decision to resign and stay home with my baby for now, but im completely crushed! I came home and cried for hours while trying to take care of the baby! I’m just so depressed I don’t know if i can start over at a different job in the same company i feel so humiliated and ostracized.

I might be over dramatizing, but i worked SO hard for my career. I made so many sacrifices and i love what i do so much!

My husband is trying to be supportive but i just feel like i want to be alone!

I’m just feeling an overwhelming sadness so if you could give me advice or any encouraging words please do😥