Wrong to cut out a family member with depression?


I have this cousin who’s had anxiety and depression since high school. We tried to help her, be there as her company, even gave a couple interventions after her two suicide attempts. Don’t get me wrong, we love her, but her behavior has been so erratic especially these last couple of months. She knows she needs help and always talking about changing her ways. But the moment a guy comes into her life, she stops taking care of herself and falls into the same pattern. This is a girl who’s had 30 plus guys in her life. I’m starting to think that she has a sex addiction. On top of that, she’s been doing drugs and regrets it soon after but does it again. She’s gotten STD before too for sleeping around.

She is family and that’s why I never gave up on her. But I can’t be around this person anymore. I want to do right by God and help those in need, but helping this person has taken a toll on my mental health as well. Is it wrong to cut her out? Is there anything else I can do?