Distraught. I was told the wrong sex of my baby..

I had an ultrasound yesterday because my baby had been measuring 3 weeks ahead. I’m due June 3, and was told at our 20 week scan that we were having a girl. And you guys I was so happy about it! I was given a bunch of really nice hand me down clothes, I painted the nursery and bought girly things to fill it with. We were gonna call her Audrey, and we find out yesterday that the baby is actually a boy. I can’t help but feel totally broken over this. I feel like I’ve been bonding with a little girl and preparing and picturing life with a little girl, and now that’s just shattered. I’m sitting on the floor of the nursery packing up all the little girl stuff and having a total breakdown. I know I’m gonna love my son no matter what, and once he’s here I’m sure I won’t be able to imagine anything else, but it’s very hard right now. I didn’t know that I was just so attached to the idea of her. And now I only have 5 weeks to prepare for my little boy. Has anyone else gone through this? How long did it take you and what did you do to cope with the news?

Please be nice, I already feel so guilty about feeling this way.