Tmi but need input from moms!



Any moms ever deal with nighttime vomiting in their children? I have a doctors appointment for my 5 year old tomorrow morning. He wakes up at night with servere diarrhea and vomiting. By morning he is fine. No fever, no chills, nothing to indicate being sick. It has happened 3x so far. Not back to back, just randomly. Its so strange! Hes not constipated, hes regular and goes every day. We feed him well, lots of fruit veggies and protien. Yesterday he did have 2 cupcakes though so im wondering if that could be it? But then again the other two times hes done this he didnt have the extra sugar throuout the just trying to get some opinions or advice on what to ask the doctor tomorrow morning. Heres a pic of my little man , hes otherwise a very healthy child with no medical problems except allergies. Thanks guys!