So confused 😩


So I’ve had to have my labor stopped twice now , once at 25 weeks (never dilated past a 1) and at 30 weeks and 4 days (magnesium IV and admitted for 2 days) my doctor has yet to seem concerned at all , he’s not put me on bed rest or taken me out of work yet and even said sex is just fine . Now I’m 34 weeks went into labor and delivery last night with contractions 3 mins apart , when I came in I was still a 1cm and 50% and they ended up sending me home with a shot of brethine and told me to return if they don’t stop , well I haven’t had any sleep , I’ve tried a bath , I’ve tried Tylenol , so this morning I called my doc and he said to return back to L&D so I did , they picked up my contractions as soon as they hooked me up 2-3 mins apart , at this point my cervix is now 2cm and 70% and they said that I was ripe , my cervix is right there not even a whole finger away so the baby has dropped , they also said they can feel the sac on the inside of my cervix but my doctor said to send me home and tough it out (he doesn’t believe in meds) so my nurse came in there and said she felt so bad for having to send me home in this condition , she said clearly the contractions are all over the monitor and my cervix is changing but verrrry slowly so she doesn’t see why they won’t at least give me IV fluids and a low dose of pain meds because of the amount of pain I’m in , so she told me if I wanted to and if they hadn’t stopped by 5pm to come back because my doctor won’t be on call and it’ll be another doctor and he would get me out of pain at least . I just don’t understand because some women never dilate past a 2 and end up getting a c-section , so why are they sending me home and letting me labor myself to death for almost 24 hours now . If this is normal , I’d gladly accept that but I don’t understand how sending an expecting mother home in this type of excruciating pain is normal .