I have no job.

It’s crazy I’m a single mother providing everything for my daughter and I was literally working to have my daughter cared for. Half of my income would go to daycare just because the government felt I made enough to pay childcare. Which in reality, the rest of my income would only equal less than $600 and that includes all of our necessities each month. I didnt have enough to afford rent. I paid $600 each month for my daughter to be cared for while only making $11 an hour.

Now I have no job because my babysitter left on vacation and the daycare I put her in didn’t open at 6 A.M. like advertised! The job I was at was strict on tardiness and attendance. I’m just beyond stressed cause I only have $40 to my name😔 I’m trying to look for a job and it’s not working. I’m really upset with myself. I feel like such a failure 😩