Morgan β€’ TTC baby #1 ❀️

I’m bleeding. I have NEVER been so damn happy to bleed. Welcome back CD 1 !!!!!

Back story: I got diagnosed with unexplained infertility (thanks Depo shotπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„)

My husband was checked for testosterone levels... normal.

We had our first appointment with a specialist. Got provera, clomid, scheduled HSG & ultrasound, planned sperm analysis.

Finished provera - over a week with no af still!

*this would be way better with GIFs but it won’t load😭*

No af so had to cancel HSG. Hubby still took sample in. Results came back this afternoon. Bet ya can guess... NORMAL!

Great news, but I feel like a failure. Part of me kind of hoped something simple was wrong with him so it wasn’t all my fault we aren’t able to conceive.

Fast forward 2 hours. I start cramping like a son of a gun. I RUN literally - to the bathroom. BLOOD! YAY 🀣

Welcome back CD 1 I’ve been looking forward to you 😍🀣

As I sit in the nude, in a ball from the cramps, I got a grin ear-to-ear!

I hope this is my chance. CD 3-7 clomid.

Pray I keep my sanity & happy thoughts because with these hormones it may very well be coming to an end 😳🀣