First Kiss

Hey, y’all

So I just recently started going out with this guy and last night he told me he hasn’t ever dated anyone before, let alone kissed anybody. This puts me in the hot seat being the experienced one for the first time in my life. I’m more nervous about kissing him than I have been with the other guys I’ve kissed before but I REALLY like him. We are going on a movie date on Saturday and I was thinking maybe I’d talk to him and make the first move? Or should I just wait and let him do it?

U P D A T E :

We went back to my place after the movie and watched another one while we cuddled and at the end of that one we just kind of stared into each other’s eyes for a bit and he asked “is this the part where we kiss?” And I giggled and then he kissed me. It was absolutely adorable and I only had to show him the lip bite/tug move. Other than that he was pretty great at it.