Does this look like tonsillitis?

I know yall aren't doctors but like every year I get this really painful sore throat and with it I have a fever and just feel super tired.

I went to a pharmacy like 2 years ago where I tried to tell the lady what I was feeling and she didn't look at my throat she just jabbed something in my mouth and told me I didnt test positive for strep.

I hate going to doctors and looking stupid if nothing is wrong but I am seriously tired of this happening like once or twice every year :( and my tonsils have this white stuff on them which is why I think it's more than a sore throat but idk.

If it looks like tonsillitis can I ask for them to remove them? Would I have to see a doctor during the time I have it? I just have a busy schedule I feel like the time I'd be able to see them my throat would be better.