Eczema on face


Anyone have a baby with eczema on there head/face? It is keeping her up at night due to itching and waking herself up. I have to hold her and keep her hands down from her face.

We have mittens on her hands which she seems to get off a lot..

We have gone to an allergist which a lot of the treatment you can only do for the body and not for the face or head.

I don’t know what to do... I can’t keep holding her and not getting any sleep bc I’m trying to make sure she is sleeping

We have the room and humidity in the room set to help with the eczema. We put her in only 100% cotton PJs to sleep. We bathe her every night and put on ointment to help lock in the moisture. But again all of this is great for her body, but for her head and face she is always itching...😔