He. Just. Doesn't. Give. A. Shit. Anymore

I'm honestly so over this marriage.

My husband and I didn't have the smoothest or easiest marriage. But when we are good we are really good.

In the past month or so. He's been blatantly ignoring me, my needs and my feelings. When I'm upset and try to talk to him he just says "snap out of it". Or "get over it". Or "when you're out of your moods let me know".

He refuses to talk to me. And when he does talk he just listens then keeps quiet and shuggs my feelings off as if it's nothing. And I'll say "Did you hear anything I just said?" And he'll say yes I heard you. And that's the conversation. He doesn't even want to have sex anymore..like once a week or twice and I have to initiate it. He doesn't even go down on me anymore. He fills all his spare time up playing sports. He plays 3 times a week and almost every weekend. And I'm left with the little bit of energy he has left at the end of the day which is usually snappy and too tired for anything. Also note that. It's by his own choice that he plays sports every other day. He doesn't belong to any club or anything. It's just friendly games with his brother and friends. So he can cancel if he wants but he never will. Anyways. I'm starting a new job tomorrow after being at home since Feb and he said he will cancel soccer tonight . But they called and he just said no problem I'll be there. Also he had a day off today and he spent the entire day watching series in the room while I was in the lounge. Am I being too emo about this? In the 3 years we are married he has never behaved this way. I feel like a needy clingy wife when I'm not! Surely this is not too much to ask for?