Help ladies please


I’ve been TTC since last year

This month I’m supposed to get my period since I get it every two months. However this time it didn’t come according to the way I got my period there is a pattern. So I would’ve gotten it 8-9 days ago. Yesterday while at work I went to use the restroom and when I wiped (sorry tmi) there was very light spotting as if AF was going to start. The day progresses and nothing comes when I go to the bathroom there’s nothing anymore. So I’m worried and I don’t know if it’s because I drank a lot of water yesterday but I keep getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I didn’t drink that much water at home as I did at work. I was thinking it could’ve been ovulation spotting so my husband and I BD. This morning I go to the bathroom and there is a teeny tiny light pink spotting that’s all. Nothing more. What is going on ??? This is what I got and the one I had at work yesterday had a little more but it was noticeable. This is what I got this morning. I also have very light cramps randomly.