Find out sex of baby or wait? (See description)

Okay - we’re having a follow up anatomy ultrasound on Friday since baby was a little uncooperative for a few of the photos...

That said, hubby and I have been planning to wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby. We’ve been pretty team green up to a few days ago.

Because we’re all (except for two people) pretty sure that we’re having a girl. I know intuition can be wrong, but there are a lot of people saying baby is a girl.

A friend pointed out that it might be worth just the two of us finding out now so that if baby does happen to have a penis we don’t have that disappointment at the time that baby arrives, but can prepare ourselves differently. We still wouldn’t tell anyone else the sex of the baby.

To be clear, we don’t care if baby has a penis or a vagina - we’re thrilled to be pregnant. But because we are so convinced through intuition that we’re having a girl, are thinking it may be good to know just in case.

What would you do???

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