My best friend gave me the best O ever


My best friend finally convinced me to have fun with her. It was absolutely mind blowing and amazing.

My boyfriend said at one time that he thought I should try it. I told her afterwards that I was going to tell him that it happened and she told me not to.

She and I had the meanest argument we've ever had. I'm not too certain that we'll be hanging out anytime soon.

It was absolutely amazing. But a couple of you had warned me a while back not to do it. I kind of downplayed it.

Point is even though I had his Blessing I feel guilty. Also, I realized that best friends and getting it on don't necessarily mix that well.

UPDATE: Things are close to normal now.

She left one of her books in my room and came to retrieve it. We both were calm down and we talked about what happened. We decided that the best thing to do is to remain as BFF with no intimacy with each other.

, yes, if I didn't have a boyfriend and I had such a great experience with someone else that I did not have a very close relationship with beforehand I could see myself being in a relationship with a girl.

That makes me bi. My boyfriend is very supportive and he said that if there ever is a situation where I may be interested in trying it with another girl just be honest with him.