Calling all TEACHERS 👩‍🏫

I don’t know how to go about this so I’m here for help.

I have a 3rd grader, he’s overall a good kid. Like most kids he gets distracted when doing work in the classroom or whatever but to me it seems like the teacher doesn’t like him and only notices the negative in him. I get a message from her a few times a month now days about him “not hearing the bell and being late to class” or “drawings cartoons instead of doing his school work” or “getting distracted” etc some of the stuff is nice to know about but others it’s like getting excessive. I can’t babysit him for you from work!

Example: the other day she gave them an assignment and she writes “I couldn’t figure out why it was taking him so long to finish, took 45 minutes and later when I looked at his work I seen why, he had drawn cartoons on the paper”

Ok sure but for the whole 45 minutes you couldn’t just walk over to him to CHECK ON HIM???? Am I wrong for being mad 😡??? Like why wonder what he’s up to? Why not tell him to get back to work or check on him to make sure he understands what he’s doing ?! I don’t know if I should be transferring him to another classroom so close to the end of the school year. This teacher is not a good match for him.

I also wanted to point out that on the first day of school when I dropped him off... I met her and you know how you can get vibes from people or like a first impression? I didn’t get a good vibe from her, she’s not a people person. Or a kid friendly person. HELP!