Could not remove cup 😭

I wore my Saalt cup (regular size) today for the first time. It was a great experience until I went to take it out. I had great difficulty getting a thumb and finger around the base. So instead, I kept sliding my index finger up between the cup and my vagina wall and trying to inch it down that way until I could grab it with my thumb or another finger, but that didn’t work. I used my muscles to try to push it too. Every time I did get a grip of it, I’d lose it due to the wetness. I finally managed to get it out in a final squatting attempt. But now I’m left with a sore vagina and swollen fingers (I have arthritis). I’m not sure if this is the wrong cup for me or if there’s some other techniques I could use to help, but I’m terrified of trying to use it again. Note. I left the entire stem on it, which remained all the way inside my guessing maybe I have a high cervix? I haven’t actually measured it though. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.