Responsibilities for an 8/9 year old

Ok what are some responsibilities you give your 8 1/2 year old?

My daughter is great but sometimes she will be like “I don’t know how to do it” I think she’s just being lazy or spoiled........ back story she was our baby for a long time around her 6 th bday her sister was born and some things changed but now added to our bunch we also have our 7 month old 😂 so I would like her to be more responsible not like anything crazy but I wanna hear what you all let your kiddos do!??

She’s a really good helper when I need her to be! But recently I literally just let her take her own showers I might be to blame but I feel like if I’m not the one washing her hair it’s not being done correctly but I have too much on my plate I can’t always run to wash her hair so she’s doing it now but sometimes will complain and say she can’t then I feel bad! I also want her to turn the water on herself idk maybe I babied her too much for so long. She was our only baby for such a long time. And like when I ask her to look for her hair products in the morning she also is like “I can’t find it “🙄

But She is very helpful I guess in other areas. She will vacuum if I ask clean the table help with her sister, I guess it’s just little things. Or maybe I’m expecting too much from her ???