Please tell me I’m not the crazy one

My husband took our sons car seat out of the car to pile up a full car (3 in the back, 2 up front) of his friends to smoke weed in our car. Mind you, we LEASE this car, it’s not even ours yet. And he gets upset with me because I’m fucking LIVID with him, to the point where I’m almost hyperventilating because I’m crying so much. We also have our second child due June 10th. But while I’m yelling at him, he interrupts me to tell me I’m “tripping” because it’s fine, he had all the windows rolled down.

I don’t have a problem with him smoking, we live in a state where is legal and he’s of legal age to smoke it. But our KIDS go in the car. We don’t own the car yet, but yet I’m the one who’s tripping out about it.

Please tell me I’m not fucking crazy.