Will this one finally be my rainbow baby???


I found out I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day and then a week and a half later I lost the baby and I was devastated!!! My husband and I let my body go back to normal before we started to try again and April 17th we baby danced twice and then about a week ago I started wanting NOTHING BUT hard boiled eggs and salt!!! I don’t like salt for off and second I’ll eat the occasional hard boiled egg and that’s only when my mom is making potato salad she makes extra eggs for me but that’s it...well I had a .88 cents test from Walmart left over and I took the test it wasn’t with first morning urine well my son distracted me and I forgot about the test until I had to pee again...which was about maybe 15 minutes after I had done the test...well I looked down and saw 2 lines!!! I thought ok I’m gonna go get some more tests because it had been past the time frame to read the results so I went and got 3 different types of tests and lady’s ALL 3 of them including the FR digital test (and everyone knows those are harder to get a positive this early on) was POSITIVE!!!! Here are the tests I took yesterday and today just didn’t date them!