Has anyone made a constantly fighting relationship work?

We’ve been together almost two years, engaged, with a 9 month old baby girl. He is stubborn and so am I, but what happens is, when we fight, he gets LOUD and so aggressive, not physically of course, but just really loud and mean and in front of our 9 month old. We are in a very stressful time right now, as we are living with my parents while I gave up my job that I loved to be living here with him while he goes to school and works and pays child support. We are so in debt and it’s very stressful, but literally EVERY weekend, we finally get to see and spend time with each other, we get in TERRIBLE fights, like screaming and yelling “I’m done!! Fuck you!” In front of our baby.

I love him and I wish it could work, but I’m not sure it ever will. I want to be happy and sometimes when I think of our future, I just see stress.

Has anyone had a relationship like this and we’re able to turn it around?