With all my heart 🤫

Valentina • 💗 ins/ valgasca 💗

For that person reading this I wanna tell you that you are perfect the way you are, we need you in this world because every single person has a reason to vibrate in this life, I wanna tell you that doesn’t matter the past, the present it’s now, I wanna invite you to love yourself and put yourself first no matter what, weight, color, raze, we are all the same.

If you don’t feel confident with you body change it, it’s really easy if you know how to do it, if you don’t know and you need help send me a message, if you need a friend send me a message ❤️

I think we all should support each other’s the best we can so more woman can feel secure about themselves ❤️

I want you to radiate love and positive energy, life is confusing and sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I don’t like my body, sometimes it’s just normal to feel down.

But always remember that there’s nobody more important for you than yourself, that’s the body and the consciousness you will always have, you must love it and please don’t let anyone change it ❤️

For all my strong womans

The mommies

The teenagers

My black womans

My white womens

My latinas mamis

I appreciate you behind that screen and if you need help always contact me, always open to give love and make new friends ❤️


I’m sorry if I may say something wrong English it’s my second language and it’s not perfect but you get my point, I’m seeing to much hate and judgment.

Just wanted to let you guys now that ❤️