Need advice - separation from husband

Sooooo i have a monster-in-law and she has finally driven me to my breaking point....

My husband and I have lived with his parents for about 6 years. It was supposed to be temporary and it lasted that fucking long.

Tonight everything was fine until I went downstairs to get something from the kitchen... (we have 2 kitchens ours is supposed to be the "real" kitchen while theirs is the one in the basement). Well my mother in law is in our kitchen throwing shit around. I decided to ignore this because shes a fucking crazy person and it seemed like she was in one of her moods. I told her repeatedly i wasnt going to speak to her about it and i had nothing to say to her. But she got in my face and said a bunch of nasty shit (the baby's gonna get hurt with all the fishing stuff laying around - its on a top shelf where she cant reach it. My mother didnt teach me to be a wife or a woman. Im a pig. And all this shit.) So it was the comment about my mother which made me snap. Say what you want about me but do not say shit about my mother. So i said some stuff back. That when we moved in she said this would be our kitchen and how shes constantly in it and how she doesnt let us alone. She made a comment about my looks.... i told her to look in a mirror.

My husband comes home as she was in my face.

I walked out and went back to our bedroom. I could here them screaming at one another. He finally came up stairs and said he was leaving for a couple days and hed call me in a few days. I repeatedly said sorry to him and tried explaining i tried to keep my cool but she kept going at me. He didnt want to hear it and he stormed out.

So i am currently sitting in my brothers living room with my toddler after packing a few things and leaving.

Now I'm seriously thinking about just breaking ties completely. Separation. Divorce. All of it. I love my husband but I cant continue in a marriage and expect to keep her away from me and my child.

Im actually scared of what shes doing to my belongings right now.

So, heres my options...

If i leave my job right now put in my 2 weeks and quit i have about 30,000 in a 401k that i can have access to in a month. Im thinking of doing just that and moving away. My parents live down south i could move down there be close to them. Figure shit out... I refuse to live in that house again. As it stands right now i dunno how Ill be able to get my stuff (whats left of it as im sure she's thrown it out the window or burned it in the backyard).

My husband has not spoken to me in a couple hours but I did receive a call from my mother in law which i answered knowing i shouldnt have but i couldnt not answer and all she said was i ruined her life.... how i did that i have no idea. I married her son who was a broken man when i met him with a lot of baggage and was loving and faithful to him for 10 years, gave her a granddaughter - named after her! - and let her spend all the time in the world with her against my better judgement but yeah i ruined her life.

So yeah.... advice maybe?