What’s happening!?

Let’s rewind to Wednesday..:

Did anyone experience weird cramping a couple days DPO? We did the deed 4 times during my fertile window and I’ve been having weird pinching and pulling sensations and little cramping under my belly button just above my lady parts that started on Monday. Usually during ovulation I get the discomfort on one side. I also felt a little discomfort in my cervix too, kinda felt like something was pressed up against it, as weird as that may sound. I ran out of OPK’s so I didn’t get to check, but had all my usual symptoms and the app has been spot on the past couple months! Could this be a sign of implantation? What other symptoms did you experience this early?


Tonight, SO & I did the deed and about 15 minutes or so after I started getting awful cramps in my cervix. I got to use the bathroom and pee, this is what happened. There was a little spotting. The cramping/discomfort is in my cervix and what feels like the right side of my ovary. Could this be a sign? Implantation? I’m thinking it’s still too early since I’m still 9 days away from AF. The only other symptoms I have are fatigue and breast tenderness. HELP! I