FTM...Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the weaning process?

My baby girl is almost 13 months. I work full time and have been pumping. I nurse her before work, when I get home from work, and before bed on work days. She also gets breast milk at the sitter's house in a sippy cup, in addition to solids throughout the day. On off days, I nurse and I do it on demand, and offer solids throughout the day. She loves solid food!

Lately she has seemed to lose a lot of interest in nursing unless it is the bedtime or morning feeding. She will nurse, but the sessions are super short suddenly. She never seems to "ask" to nurse specifically, just cries when she is hungry in general. Since I pump at work, I know my supply hasnt dropped or anything like that that would make her go on a nursing strike.

Just wondering if this means she is ready to wean? Or is she just getting distracted? I don't want to rush her into anything because I know how harmful that can be. I am also not opposed to start making a move towards weaning if that is what this is.