Started potty training


I have started potty training My march toddler and I don’t know if I am succeeding or failing

Day 1

we had a few accidents two accidents to be precise and one wewe in the potty successfully. Wet nappy during nap time.

Day 2

Felt like torture for me and him

5 potty wees

2 potty poop

4 wee accidents

Day 3

3 potty wees

1 potty poop

1 accident wee

And 1 accident poop this morning in his undies.

He has started today day 3. To tell me that he needs to wee by saying owie and then he runs me to the party but he sits down and he didn’t wee ... and is still sitting there though and he also woke up from his nap with a dry nappy I just need to know am i training to early is he making progress should I give up can any other moms let me know